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        • Name: Plano Convex Lens
        • 产品编号: Spherical Lens-PCL005
        • date: 2017-07-06
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        Optical Spherical Lens

        Optical Lenses are optical components designed to focus or diverge light. Optical Lenses, which may consist of a single or multiple elements, are used in a wide variety of applications from microscopy to laser processing.

        Worldhawk can supply Plano Convex Lens, Double Convex Lens , Plano Concave Lens, Double Concave Lens, Micro Lenses, Meniscus Lens, Achromatic Lens and aspheric Lens.

        Optical glass lenses have a wide variety of applications. Germanium (Ge), Silicon (Si), or Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) lenses are ideal for transmitting the Infrared (IR) spectrum, while Fused Silica is well suited for the Ultraviolet (UV).