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        • Name: Optical Colore Glass Filter
        • 产品编号: WHK-CGF01
        • date: 2017-09-25
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        Optical Filter
        worldhawk lens
        bandpass filters.jpg  

        + Optical Filters

        Worldhawk can provide precision filters for many applications, including bandpass interference filter, Cut off filters, UV filter, IR filter, Narrow bandpass filter, ND filter, Negative Filter or Notch filters, dichroic, color substrate.


        Optical Filters are used to selectively transmit or reject a wavelength or range of wavelengths. Optical Filters are used in applications such as fluorescence microscopy, clinical chemistry, spectroscopy, or machine vision inspection. Optical Filters are ideal for life science, imaging, industrial, or defense industries.


        Custom filters are available for both large manufacturing needs and in prototype volumes. Contact us for more information or to arrange a quote.


        +Bandpass Interference fIlters        


        - Bandpass filters

        - Narrow bandpass filter

        - UV bandpass filter

        - IR Bandpass filter


        Technique Data:                    


        FWHM: 30nm-80nm OD:2-3

        FWHM: 5nm-25nm OD:4-6

        Size: φ6-φ200

        Center Wavelength Range:340-1064nm

        (340 380 405 450 492 510 546 578 600 620 630 808 850 940 1064...)


        Bandpass fIlter


        Narrow bandpass filter

        CWL:337nm FWHM:3nm

        Narrow bandpass filter.jpg

        Narrow bandpass filter

        CWL:505nm FWHM:10nm


        505nm bandpass filter.jpg

        UV bandpass filter


        High transmittance 
        uv bandpass filter.jpg

        IR Bandpass filter

        CWL:905nm FWHM:35nm

        905nm bandpass filter.jpg

        IR Bandpass filter

        CWL:1064nm FWHM:20nm

        1064nm bandpass filter.jpg

        New membrane system design, IAD Hard Coating, Cleanroom-furification roduction environment, High precision test equipment testing. 



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