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        • Name: Big Dome
        • 产品编号: WHK-DM003
        • date: 2017-09-22
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        Optical glass Dome lens cover, BK7 Dome lens cover and Sapphire Dome lens cover for CCTV  PTZ camera and underwater camera


        Dome windows are hemispheres. The two optical surfaces are an equal thickness apart, creating a naturally strong shape that gets tougher under pressure. This makes dome windows ideal for underwater environments and in applications such as camera dome ports and submersible windows.

        BK7 dome lens cover is used primarily in meteorology applications. BK7 offers excellent transmission from 300nm up to 2µm. BK7 is a relatively hard material, with excellent chemical durability. 
        UV fused silica glass dome lens cover: For applications operating in the deeper UV range, Worldhawk offers a range of UV fused silica domes. Fused silica domes are commonly used in underwater applications at extremely high pressures.
        Sapphire domes lens cover: For infrared applications we can provide sapphire domes. Sapphire is an extremely hard material with transmission of over 80% in the 2-5µm wavelength range. As with fused silica, sapphire is able to withstand extreme pressures, making it the perfect material for underwater camera and missile fairing applications.


        -General Parameters: 


        Optical glass N-BK7 , H-K9L, UV Fused Silica, Sapphire, IR crystal


        5mm-150mm, 150-300mm

        Diameter Tolerance




        Thickness Tolerance


        Center Deviation


        Surface Accuracy

        1L 1/2L 1/4L or According to size

        Surface quality

        80/50 60/40


        Both side Antireflection Coatings


        0.2 x 45° typical


        optical dome by worldhawk.jpg


        glass Dome.jpg Sapphire Domes.jpg BK7 Dome.jpg

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