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        • Name: Powell Lens
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        • date: 2017-09-22
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        Optical Powell Lens

        Laser Line Generator Lenses, also known as Powell lenses, generate a straight, uniform laser line by fanning out a collimated beam in one dimension, as shown in the diagram above. The apex of each lens features an aspheric curve that evenly distributes the optical power, resulting in an intensity variation of less than 20% over the center portion of the line. You will get more even energy distribution along the laser line than using the rod lenses and lenses.

        Powell lens are available with output fan angles of 5°- -110°. They are designed for use at 405-900 nm with 2 an input beam diameter of 0.8 -5.0mm (1/e ). Rectangular input beam can be customized for powell lens.

        The Powell Lens can be widely used in alignment, machine vision systems, construction and process control fields.

        We are the main important suppliers of powell lenses in China. cooperation with us , you will get high quality products with reasonable price and products performance at the same time .

        Specification for powell lens

         Material (Substrate)   H-K9L ( N-BK7 ), H-ZF7LA ( N-SF6 )
         Diameter  φ6,φ9 +0/-0.05 mm (or customized)
         Height  6.5~8.5mm+/-0.05 mm (or customized)
         Fan Angle  8°~110° +/-3% deg
         Energy Uniformity  <20% (central 80% of line.) 
         Straightness of line  <0.1%
         Apex Offset  <0.02mm
         Wavelength Range  400nm-1100nm
         Clear Aperture  ≥90%
         Input Beam Size  Dia. 0.5-5mm
         Scratch and Dig (S/D)  60/40 40/20
         Coating  Uncoated, AR, BBAR, Reflective
         RoHS  Compliant

        Note: you could customized as your demand

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