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        • Name: Corner Cube Prism
        • 产品编号: Prism-CCP004
        • date: 2017-09-21
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        Optical Corner Cube Prism and Retroreflectors for Range Finding

        Corner Cube Reflector (rangefinder)( CCR or trihedral prism)
        A corner cube retroreflector, also known as a CCR or trihedral prism, is an optical structure that consists of three adjacent, mutually-orthogonal plane-reflecting surfaces which form the corner of a cube. The corner cube reflects an incident ray at a specific angle, independent of the prism and beam orientations.

        Typical corner cube designs reflect the incident light at 180 degrees. Some applications require the reflected ray to return at a different angle.

        A number of coating options are available for corner cube retroreflectors. The front face may have an antireflective (AR) coating applied, and the three reflecting faces may have a metallic or dielectric coating, or may remain uncoated.


        Corner cubes are used in a wide variety of applications such as spectroscopy, battlefield technology laser resonator cavities, land surveying, ground based range-finding, satellite communications and space vehicle docking

        General Parameters(Optical Corner Cube Prism and Retroreflectors )



        High Pricision


        N-BK7, Fused Silica, Custom



          Size tolerance



          Angle Tolerance



          Clear Aperture



          Surface Quality

        60/40, 40/20

        20/10, 10/5

          Surface Flatness

        1/2 lambda, 1/4lambda

        1/10Lambda, 1/20Lambda


        +/-3' , +/-30''




        No Bevel (The Angle is unbroken)


        Uncoated, AR, BBAR, Reflective